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Why are we Changing?

Recently we have been running into a lot of problems with some deviants; we have deviants joining the group who have not read the rules properly (or at all), this causes a lot of work for the admins who then have to explain to the deviant why we cannot accept their deviations. In some cases it's just a matter of the deviant not knowing that the species featured in their work is not threatened, in which case we don't mind checking the species status for you and letting you know what they are classified as.

The biggest problem we have had by far though is aggressive, rude and frankly downright insulting comments from people who have had their artwork declined by us; there has been a sharp rise in deviants joining the group, not reading the rules and then becoming strangely enraged when their deviations are declined for not following the rules. We are here to raise awareness about endangered species, not to be abused because your artwork violates group rules.

Because of the issues stated above we will be changing the way the group operates from today onwards, we never wanted to be seen as an elitist group but we simply cannot allow our admins to continue taking abuse from the minority of misinformed, aggressive deviants out there. Please read below to see some of the changes we are making.

Member Applications

From today onwards people applying to become a member of the group will find their application subject to voting by the admins. We are doing this so we can ensure that anyone wishing to become part of our community is interested in helping endangered species awareness and not someone known to deviantART for being rude and aggressive. Please do not think that we are assuming you do not have a genuine interest in our group, this move is designed to protect our admins from abuse and ensure we can have a community open to those who want to help endangered species.

Our admins would also like to make clear that this is a group for people who want to raise awareness of endangered species. Our aim is to collect artworks that raise awareness, anything from simply allowing people to see the many subspecies of an endangered species to the causes of endangerment and how people are helping conserve species. If you simply want your art to be seen and favourited without consideration for threatened species then this is not the group for you.

Group Rules Explained

In this part of the blog we will explain and clarify our group rules; there are certain rules that we receive a lot of complaints about when deviants have their artworks declined, hopefully this part of the blog will help deviants understand why these rules are in place. One rule we would like to emphasise before we continue is that the subspecies name must be present in the Artist’s Comments section of the deviation before we accept, you could meet all of our other requirements but if this information is not present we will decline.

First of all we will cover our most controversial rule: no white tiger deviations. This rule is the most contested rule we have here at EndangeredArt; the complaints we get are mainly from deviants who are unaware or simply do not wish to accept the truth behind white tigers: they are the product of inbreeding. It is not that we are denying that they ever appear in the wild because once in a blue moon the recessive gene that causes this leucism (lack of pigmentation or colouration) does surface in the wild; it is however devastating to the individual as they can no longer rely on camouflage to hunt, in all cat species camouflage is critical to their survival as their main methods of hunting are stalking and ambushing prey.

White tigers are not a subspecies of tiger, they are bred in captivity using inbreeding; parents are bred with their own offspring and siblings are forced to mate, this is an unacceptable method of breeding simply because people like the way these animals look. No reputable conservation organisation would breed these animals; they are prone to so many genetic defects that it is infact cruel to breed these animals, these defects include crossed eyes, scoliosis, clubfoot, erratic tooth growth and immune deficiencies to list but a few.

For those who remain unconvinced please watch this video produced by the Big Cat Rescue, they are a non-profit charity who take in unwanted big cats in America:…

Secondly we will review our rule on not accepting species of least concern; this group is about raising awareness for endangered species - hence the name, we are not here to garner publicity for pictures of your cats and dogs. We use the IUCN red list to assess the conservation status of species, link here: . The reason we use the IUCN red list is that it is the most up-to-date catalogue of species that is readily available to the public and is recognised by most major conservation and scientific organisations worldwide. The only issue with the IUCN red list is that it covers all of a species locations and therefore does not include information about localised endangerment of species. If you wish to submit artwork of a species facing localised endangerment please include the details of this in the Artist’s Comments section of your deviation; if the information is not there we will decline.

Finally our rule on captive wildlife photography; our rule states that if more than 30% of the image includes obviously artificial environment then we will decline. This refers to bars, fences, obvious fake rockery, concrete and glass (usually glass glare). The reason we have this rule is that we want to feature the species itself and these artificial environments often distract from the animals; we are happy to accept images that feature artificial environments in our conservation awareness folder but only if you are making a point about this in the Artist’s Comments.

Other rules:

We will accept tasteful anthro art.
Art must be submitted to the correct folder but if there isn’t one available let us know and we’ll create one.
If you submit your own artwork to the featured folder it will be declined.

If anyone has any questions about this blog then please message the group or the founder xHalloweenx

Thank you for reading.
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Submission Rules:

:bulletred:Reglas para Submission en Español
:bulletred:Regeln auf Deutsch
:bulletred:Régles en Français

We accept all forms of artwork.

You must be a member of EndangeredArt to submit to the group.

The deviation must:

:bulletred: Feature a near threatened, threatened, vulnerable or endangered species. We also have specific folders for species that are extinct in the wild or recently extinct (cut off point is the year 1800).

:bulletorange: Contain the name of the subspecies within the artists comments.

:bulletyellow: Be contributed to the correct folder, if a correct folder does not exist please message the group one will be created.

:bulletgreen: Must not feature more than 30% artificial environment (i.e. fake rocks, bars and fences etc.), we feel this distracts the focus from the featured animals.

Other rules:

We will not accept White Tiger deviations. This is due to the fact that most White Tigers and Lions are the result of captive inbreeding; if you wish to highlight the issue of captive inbreeding, you may submit a deviation featuring the correct information to our conservation awareness folder.

:bulletblue: Please don't suggest your own work to be featured, it will be rejected.

:bulletpurple: We will accept tasteful anthro art.

Any deviation featuring humans will be declined unless it features conservation work in which case should be submitted to our conservation awareness folder with the relevant information present in the Artist’s Comments.










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RiverRaven Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Is this group still active? Doesn't seem so..
meihua Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2015
Just barely! I saw you have an Endangered Birds group, were you looking for affiliates?
RiverRaven Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes! I'm the new co-founder of Endangered-Birds and I am indeed interested in affiliates =) but other than that, the group in itself looks very interesting (I am a member)
AndreaMorrow Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  Student Artisan Crafter
I contributed my Pangolin about two days ago. If my Pangolin is not accurate enough then declined it. Just don't wait a week. Also I work very hard on it and it will be a great disappointment if is not accepted. Sorry if this comment is rude but this is the truth.
Cinestress Featured By Owner Edited Oct 26, 2014  Professional Filmographer
It's still waiting for votes. Work requires multiple votes before it is accepted or declined.

I am aware that work is expiring and taking awhile to be approved. Many of our admins have gone on hiatus and very few people want to take the torch to help run the group. Unfortunately, I do not have the control to change the settings for vote count. I'm doing what I can.
AndreaMorrow Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  Student Artisan Crafter
I had no idea that you needed votes from the admins to accepted or declined works. I am very sorry that you are trying the best you can. If it expired then I can try again. 
Cinestress Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  Professional Filmographer
It won't expire until after a week (you have about four or five days left before it expires). I am going to be meeting with our founder tomorrow to discuss some changes to the group so it can go back to running smoothly again.
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